Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's the weekend! Well, it doesn't really matter since it is winter break, but weekends tend to be awesome regardless. Only six more days until Christmas, so I came up with a short list of gifts I would have killed for when I was a kid, but would be completely useless to me now that I'm all grown'd up. It goes something like this:

-Fila shoes
-Game Boy Pocket
-My two front teeth
-Titanic on two disc tape VHS
-Bumblebee yo-yo
-350 ct. pog and slammer set
-Final Fantasy VII
-Razor scooter
-Laser Tag set

So, anyone out there looking to get me a gift for Santa's birthday, make sure none of those are on your shopping list unless you intend on time traveling to 1997, in which case would be "rad." (My favorite word when I was 11.) Anyways, I've been updating my blog with new posts every Tuesday and Thursday, but I'm gonna be more random from now on. I'll always post them sometime between Sunday and Thursday, but it won't always be on set days. That's all for today, have a rad weekend.


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