Monday, December 7, 2009


I hope everyone had a fun and STD free weekend. For me it was very anti climatic. Whenever I think a night is going to suck donkey testicles it ends up being a great night full of giggles and high fives, but when I have been waiting for something for a while and think it will be "totally awesome," or "righteous," it ends up sucking those same donkey testicles. Either way, I've been working on some new shit, (blogs) but haven't finished anything yet due to me being prone to laziness and searching the internet for gifts that I can give to friends and family. Just kidding. I'll have something new up Monday or Tuesday. Also, follow my blog. (Scroll down, it will be on your right.) It makes me feel better about myself and I only have five followers so far which is quite sad. I know at least seven people read my blog, so get on it people.

Piece out,
(That's how I spelled my name when I was a Freshmen. I thought it was so cool. Which it still is.)

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Raf said...

You forget that many people are internets-challenged. It's sad, really. If you point them at the page with a direct link, they might be able to click said link, but anything beyond that... watch out! It takes a fucking rocket-scientist to figure out how to "follow" or "Rss-feed" or "sign-up to Blogger".

We would already be in flying cars by now, but I believe a society's technology is dictated by it's most technology-illiterate denizens. So, since grandma can't figure out how to even use a goddamn cell-phone, we're stuck with cars that only drive on roads. And blogs that if not printed, will never get read by nanna. (I should blog about this...)

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