Friday, December 4, 2009


Happy Friday all. I hope you all have a pleasant and drunken weekend during this season of cheer and egg nog. Don't forget to repeatedly ask your Jewish friends what they want for Christmas and then offer a half-hearted apology once they mention for the third time that day that they do no celebrate Christmas. Curse them for killing your lord and then buy yourself a gift instead. I reccomend a remote control helicopter because they are really awesome and you can fly them low to scare school children at parks.

Also, my buddy Raffy writes a pretty clever and funny blog so you should check it out here. (Don't worry, its not in Spanish.)

<3 Paddy


Raf said...

That Raf guy is hilarious. His blog are cool and he don't afraid of anything.

Raf said...

Shit... forgot to do that anonymously. Oh well.

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