Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Good evening/morning/afternoon my friendly blog readers. Its been a busy week so far. Who'd a thunk drug dealing would take up so much time. I mean you have to scout the high schools, (and middle schools) fight off the security guards and make the deal before the cops or parents get involved. Not to mention the time and money I've spent on dark colored hoodies and neck tattoos. Maybe this isn't the field for me. Anyways, I've still managed to come up with some ridiculous blogs for your viewing pleasure. Some of the topics that should be posted in coming weeks are about: facial hair, measures of manliness, mistresses, the holidays, (maybe) and sports etiquette. Oh, and if you wanna do me a favor and refer this blog to a friend (or enemy) or yours, that would be neat. Just as long as they are not members of my family. Don't want my Aunt Dolores bitchin' at me.

LATE. (AKA the cool way to say good bye to your guy friends.)


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