Wednesday, May 11, 2005

No. 01 "My First Blog."

Not sure what exactly a blog actually is, but hopefully it just means "write random shit and have people read it." So here it goes... I've been thinking, and kid's TV sucks right now and has sucked for a while.

If you're around my age (16-21) you should remember the good 'ol days of Rugrats, Hey Dude, Doug, Salute Your Shorts, and of course Eureka's Castle. What happened to all these great shows and where the hell is Stick Stickly? Nowadays all the kids have is Sponge Bob (which is stupid, don't pretend to like it) and CatDog. (I don't think anyone actually likes that show) These shows have nothing on the great Nickelodeon shows from about 1990-1994. I just remember getting home from a hard day of 2nd grade, popping open a Hi-C and turning on the TV to see all my "friends" like Tommy, Chuckie, and don't forget that raging cunt Angelica. These were the shows that I grew up to, and they were actually good shows that taught you lessons on life and shit.

In the past couple years Japanese animated shows have been taking over and ruining today's children. God damn Pokemon and its many followers have changed kid's shows from funny and educational to crappy McCrap crap. Why do I care you ask? I actually don't really care because I don't watch kids shows anymore, I just think its sad that kids today don't have the quality shows that my generation had. That is all. Comment your opinion if you want to.
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