Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey everyone. I just wanted to update you all on a couple of things. I've finally started to polish and edit my older blogs. Most of you didn't read my blogs back when I first started writing them on Myspace (otherwise known as Facebook for rapists) back in 2005 A.D., but they are pretty shitty. I don't really feel like completely rewriting them, so I did what I could to clean them up so it doesn't look like a dyslexic orangutan wrote them. Its like getting an elderly dog groomed. He might smell nice and have a new bow on him, but he's still useless and can't see or hear. You can check them out if you want, but they don't start getting decent until around May 2006. In any case, I've been working on some new blogs, and will have a new one up on Sunday about finals. Hopefully it'll be an excuse to procrastinate for a couple minutes (or hours if you are a bad reader.) I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I'm out.


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