Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spring is in the air, and that means two things: girls breaking out revealing clothing that pisses off their boyfriends, and spring cleaning. Now, the latter is not much fun, but I've decided to clean up and edit my older blogs. By "clean up" I don't mean that I'm going to remove all the expletives and references to oral sex, I would never do that. I'm just going to make them more readable because many of my older blogs are grossly unpolished and full of spelling and grammatical errors that would have by 9th grade English teacher rolling in her wheel chair. Also, I've added a little link on the right side of my personal favorite blogs I've written over the years. If you're relatively new to my stupid website, you should check them out while your boss is out of the room. I should have something new some time this week, not sure what yet, but I'll figure it out. That is all.


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