Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The purpose of this sidebar is to express my hate for my phone. There's nothing wrong with the service or anything like that, it's just really dull. I see all these fancy new phones and I get jealous when I look at my sack o' crap. It's kind of like marrying an average girl and then watching your friends bone a bunch of Victoria's Secret models while you rub your wife's bunions. Whenever I come up with an idea for the blog I have to go through my notepad feature and attempt to write down a couple sentences in the stupid section. Not only does my T9 think I use the words 'shiv' and 'duck' a lot, its also completely full since my memory sucks. If I had a cool, sexy phone I could do this much easier, plus look at porn while driving. So if any of you fine people would like to give me your expensive phone, I would gladly trade you a coupon for three hundred high fives redeemable within the next 18 months (No purchase necessary.) What a deal, right? I will be accepting all iPhones, Droids, and even myTouch's (ugh.) Feel free to mail it to my home or have it delivered via carrier pigeon. Thank you and good day.

1 comment:

Raf said...

Why is it that the robot voice that reads your blogs out loud (I CAN'T READ!) through that nifty "Hear this Post" feature always sounds slightly Eastern-European?

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