Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No. 03 "Random Thoughts Part 1."

I just saw a preview for that new movie Take The Lead and I'm pretty sure I've seen this film a dozen times. And by "seen" i mean saw shitty previews for them while watching other good movies. I would never pay to see that crap. I haven't even seen the movie but I can tell you what will happen. Alright, we got a bunch of high school intercity youth, and they all like hip hop and rap. And to stay out of trouble, a suave Latin dance coach comes to the school and teaches them how to salsa dance. They are hesitant at first, but over time learn to love it and prove to themselves and their families that they are truly better than their outer surroundings. By dancing they can take on anything! Close with the group all high fiveing or jumping in the air, and fade to credits.

I hate selfish, self-centered, spoiled people, yet I watch Laguna Beach, 8th & Ocean, and My Super Sweet 16 all the time. Weird huh?

It's 2006 and we don't have a reverse microwave. Why not? We can make a hot pocket 300 degrees and have pizza lava sauce burn my mouth for 2 weeks but we cant make my beer a couple degrees colder? I just want to throw the sonofabitch in for 15 seconds and have my tasty beverage nice and cold. Is that so hard to do? Someone invent this please.

Guys with pony tails: Stop it. Seriously, no one likes it. And I don't like being at a party and say something like "Naw man, its not a sausage fest, look, there's a girl" and I point to what I think is a tall female only to realize I just pointed to a man. Stop confusing drunk people. Thanks.

"Political" and "party" shouldn't be in the same sentence. Ever.

When did this "big and beautiful" campaign start? They should rename it to "fat and naive." I understand that some people are born with fat genes (or whatever they call it) but we shouldn't be supporting obesity. It would be like someone starting "the coalition for people with uni brows." Its fucking stupid, go to the gym tubbies.

Speaking of which; why does Dr. Phil give people advice on losing weight? He could lose a couple L-B's himself. What is he, 265? Why doesn't he write a book on great hair too?

Whenever I watch these "Great Great Abs" infomercials they always have ripped guys doing the work outs. Why don't they get some fatties in there, ya know? The people that actually buy the product.

Don't force someone to put you on your Top 8. You aren't on for a reason, and if they put you on it, its only out of pity or guilt.

I hate openly close-minded people. I also hate redundancy.

Wearing glasses doesn't make you smart. I hate celebrities that do that.

What is a socialite? I used to think it was a political party and now I find out it just means you fuck a lot of guys and spend all your daddy's money.

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