Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No. 04 "Random Thoughts Part 2."

Ever tell someone off and have to come back because you forgot something? A couple months ago shit went sour with this one girl and I told her she was "an immature dumb ass" then proceeded to storm off. I felt on top of the world telling that girl off and just leaving, but I forgot my sweater in her room, so I had to awkwardly walk back in, softly tell her I forgot my sweater and walk out of the room. Yeah, I fucked that "storm out" up.

Do you ever do that thing when your walking somewhere and you see someone you know and you waive at them, but they don't waive back so you do that weird head scratch thing so they don't realize you made a fool of yourself. I fucking hate that.

My take on days of the week:

SUNDAY: The day of rest, the day to sleep off the weekend and all the crazy 5 am drunken nights. Also the day you realize the weekend is over and Monday is coming very soon
MONDAY: The shittiest day of the week. No one likes Monday, not even Monday. Its not like Wednesday, where you can say "Well at least its not Monday."
TUESDAY: Monday's less shitty little brother. Its not Monday, but its still not the middle of the week. One good thing--Taco Tuesday at Del Taco.
WEDNESDAY: The work/school week is halfway done and this is one of the better days. This can also turn into "Wasted Wednesday" if you're an avid drinker or "alcoholic."
THURSDAY: The best day of the week. You know the weekend is very close and the work/school week is dwindling down. This is why "Thirsty Thursday" is a tradition in my clique.
FRIDAY: Fuck school, Fuck work, Fuck professors, Fuck bosses. The weekend is officially starting. Everyone knows what Friday "feels" like. Its like the beginning of summer every week. You make plans and can stay out late. Long live Friday.
SATURDAY: Friday's older, cooler brother. This is the best night to party, this is where the craziest nights take place, but near the end of the night, you realize that Sunday (AKA Monday Eve) is approaching.

Hip Hop and rap nowadays sucks big time. Seriously, listen to that Wait song and tell me its a "good song" and I'll point out a retard. The other night I played, without a doubt one of the best hip hop songs ever ("Notorious Thugs" by Biggie and Bone Thugz) at a party and some girls were like "what is this? this song sucks! Play "Grillz!" I wished it was legal to slap women at that time.

This weekend I went to my grandparents house for Easter Sunday and it was nice and all but I always have to meet their weird, old, half deaf, boring friends and act interested.
My Grandma: "Oh, this is my grandson, Patrick"
Her Friend: "Hello Patrick how are you?"
Me: "I'm good, just enjoying Easter, ya know."
Her Friend: "Whats that?"
Me: "Easter... its nice"
Her Friend: "It sure is..."
(Awkward Silence)
Me: "Um..yeah..."
(I slowly walk away)
-Now what am I supposed to do? Just stand there and talk for hours to some 78 yr old lady? And I hate that weird moment where I have to walk away after the conversation is over. Ugh.

I was watching that Yo Mamma show and I'm pretty sure Wilmer Valderrama (or however you spell his inane last name) is the biggest tool next to Carson Daily. He's not funny and when he "raids" the other people's houses and tries to joke around he just looks like a moron. And that show tries to be so ghetto, with all the stupid slang they use to describe everything. Wilmer is not ghetto. And what is with everyone on that show having stupid nicknames. J Boogy, Mamma Q, Funk Stylee Pimp Master Quantro, ect. Can't they just be like "Um hi, I'm Tom." This show is so lame, and I've heard all these jokes before, but they were said by middle schoolers, not wannabe ghetto 24 year old men.

I will be the first to say it, pie is way better than cake. Without a doubt. Cake sucks. Its just lame and frosting is gross and whenever you get a cake for a birthday there's always like 3/4 of a cake left. Whys that? Because cake sucks. On the other hand you have Pie, which rocks. Pie is hot and tasty and delicious. There is never leftovers. When I get married I'm having a big huge pie and I don't care what my wife thinks. Pie rules, Cake sucks. In American Pie he fucked a pie, not a cake, what does that say? Case closed.

I've been thinking and in my life I've been told that I'm "Gonna go to hell" by a couple people. And you know what? I don't give a shit. Heaven is like impossible to get into (Especially if your Catholic) and all my friends will be in hell. Lets look at both sides: Heaven: I can't do immoral things (AKA fun shit) that I like to do on earth, and I'm hanging out with a bunch of goody-two-shoes people I don't like. Then there's Hell: I can do the immoral things that I like to do and I get to chill with my buddies for all eternity. And hey, its a dry heat.

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