Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey guys. I'm trying to update my blog more often, even if its with shorter, more concise posts (like "Microwavable Meltdown.) But, I've been working on a couple other narrative, "sort of based on actual events" posts. I'm trying to get something finished by tomorrow, but recently decided to obfuscate my dogs. This game is actually quite simple. I grab one of their toys, then pretend to throw it and watch them run after nothing. After several hours of this I tell my dogs that I'll give them their prized toy, but decide to throw it on the roof, and then make myself a sandwich. If I end up missing in the coming weeks, have the police question my dogs. They were probably involved.

Anyway, I'll have a post about either an ad I made in my economics class that got me in trouble, old people, my stupid dogs or public service announcements up tomorrow at the earliest, Friday at the latest. Whichever post I'm able to finish first. That's all. Now, go back to your porn.


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