Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day to all you lucky dads who forgot to pull out. I have added some new "features" to my blog that I wanna tell you about. Well, first of all I finally became a sell out and added Google Ads to my blog. This may be temporary if it doesn't make me any money, but I am super cheap so if I can make more than $1/month then I'm a happy man. Other than that, I added a new Facebook and Twitter share button, so use that to help promote my blog, or to show it to your grandma. And finally, I added a Live Traffic Feed that tells me where people are reading my blog from. Its pretty crazy. There's people from Canada, Philippines and even a country called Jakarta Raya reading my blog. WHAT UP JAKARTA RAYA! So go ahead and check out all the new gizmos on my blog. I'll have a new blog up tomorrow so check that out as well. Shit, I can't think of a funny comment to end this sidebar. Whatever.


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