Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hey guys and gals! I hope everyone's summer has gone swimmingly so far. And by "swimmingly" I mean that I hope everyone has used proper pool safety and followed your lifeguard's directions so no one ends up at the bottom of a pool with all the spare change and used band-aids. My summer has been tons o' fun so far. I've been tanning, and my skin color went from translucent to Larry Bird white. One step at a time, people! Eventually I want to get to Wesley Snipes black, but that could take several weeks. Other than that I've just been YouTubeing videos of monkeys and spent time developing my break dancing skillz. That's why I've been lazy about updating this blog that I must never let my future children read. No worries though, I posted one about stoners yesterday, so read it to your favorite pot head (since they are unable to read words that aren't on burrito labels.) I might even post another one within the next couple days. Well, unless I perish at the bottom of a pool.

Thug Life,

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