Monday, June 19, 2006

No. 14 "An Open Letter To Hilary Duff."

Here is a little article on Hillary Duff I found hilarious.

Hilary Duff has issued a stinging response to the New York Times movie critic who described her acting as "talent-challenged." Stephen Holden has consistently slammed Duff's teen comedy movies and singled out her performances particularly. But Duff insists she isn't making movies for New York Times readers. She tells Elle magazine, "He doesn't really fit the demographic. So I could really care less. Look at me, and look at where he is - sorry! Would he prefer that I take some super-adult role that is inappropriate so I would have no place to grow? Suppose the next thing I did was this super-edgy independent movie where I was pregnant or shooting up. What would that do to my fanbase?"

Hey Hil, can I call you Hil? Anyway, hows fame? Do you enjoy getting whatever you want because you're a dumb, generic blonde? Well, if you want your "fame" to last longer than another year you can't make the same god damn movies over and over. You need to look outside the box and pick a role that isn't a cookie-cutter romantic comedy about a girl meeting a guy, problems in the middle, and a happy ending. You just have interchangeable static characters and everyone is sick of it. For every shitty movie you make, ten good scripts from original screenwriters are turned down. You are the reason the American cinema is going in the fucking toilet. Oh, and nice shot at the critic, you self-important brat. You are the reason little 12 year-old girls dress like whores, wear make up and give up their childhood for adulthood far too early. And I love this whole "I don't have a care in the world" attitude you have on everything. Have you ever heard of an opinion? Of course not. Suppose you do make a well made, original, thought provoking film. Maybe then people might respect you. There is not one critic in the world that thinks you're a good actress. What a crazy idea? A movie about what really happens in real life. Wow, what an insane idea. Your fan base is growing up and soon they will realize that you are a talentless, dumb, arrogant bitch. Enjoy your fame Hilary, it will be gone in no time.


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