Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Oh, hey there. Well, I've been a bit of a deadbeat dad of a blog writer as of late. To be honest, I'm lazy. But, if you didn't know that by now you might need to be checked for retardedness (which is usually sexually transmitted). Anywho, I've been busy with a bunch of random crap over the last few months. I'm finally graduating from college after six and a half years! My parents aren't really proud, just kind of surprised that I finally achieved a degree which I started on before Facebook was invented.

Another reason I haven't been writing lately is that I do not have internet. Yes, I live in the 21st Century and do not have access to the world wide web or any type of porn. Its sad, really, and writing and editing blogs at the university library would not be too difficult if it weren't for the formidable stench of hobo urine. Its not like I've run out of crass ideas to write about, its just that I haven't had the time to put my ridiculous and sometimes humorous thoughts onto (into?) the internet machine. I have had several ideas brewin' in the ole gutterbrain, though.

Starting sometime soon I will be writing regularly again, probably once a week, but maybe more to make up for my apathy. Like a deadbeat dad I will make promises I cannot keep, take you to a ballgame and forget to buy tickets, and then get drunk and beat the shit out of your mom. See ya soon!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Paddy,

Please update already. I miss your posts!

An old avid reader.

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